Enrollment steps

This page contains all the information you need to know in order to set yourself up into UWHSchool! 

Please carefully follow each step below:


  • -Click on “Register” on the home page of the website and choose “Student” if you are a student or “Teacher” if you are a teacher.
  • -Fill in each of the fields in the registration form and submit.
  • -You will then receive a confirmation email from UWHSchool. 
  • Attempt all the language quizzes and pass each one of them. Note: these quizzes are free and you must pass each of the 7 quizzes in order to get admitted. These quizzes test your English proficiency so you must pass them. For your reference, you can see the quiz page here.
  • -When you pass all the quizzes, you can choose your course from here. Select category, grade, group or one-to-one, and finally which timeslot you want. 
  • -You will be redirected to a shopping page where you can add your course to the cart. Add as many courses you want and finally you will be able to see the subtotal of all the courses you picked. 
  • – You will need to pay for the courses offline and then send your proof of payment to the admin here. Follow each step of the process, select the relevant category and grade and upload your proof of payment. Then click on “Submit“. Note, if you purchased more than one course, you need to repeat this step for every course that you bought. 
  • We ONLY offer offline payment for now so therefore, you will need to purchase these courses offline and attach the payment receipt in the “upload your proof of payment” page.
  • -The admin will finally review your test scores and proof of payment and then you will be enrolled into the school!
  • -Click here to log in to your student portal and begin your learning adventure!
Welcome to UWHSchool!