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UW High School currently occupies more than 100 acres of land, including complete school buildings, a dormitory, an arts center, an indoor stadium, an outdoor stadium, laboratories and a library. See the following images for detail:

UW High School brings a new education model to the world that combines the essences of Eastern, Western, and international education. It is a truly world school which has educational programs that pursue academic excellence. By welcoming students from different countries and cultures, the school provides an environment for everyone to experience and embrace different cultures. We warmly embrace this dynamic and rapidly changing world, draw nourishment from the enterprising and colourful human society and contribute to the future world.

As a community, the school reflects the Canadian people’s embrace of all faiths and cultures. As a family, school members share ideas and perspectives with each other and strive to achieve excellence. The school’s nearness to universities allows students to take university courses during their high school years. UW High School is committed to blending the best of three educational traditions – Chinese, American and international – to bring China and the world a unique educational concept never seen — the World School.

School Teaching Mode

UW High School accepts students in grades 7 to 12 (junior to senior high school). Inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving are the focus of our teaching. After graduation, students will be able to easily cope with various challenges in the future society, stand in the world and easily cope with various courses, and become proud ambassadors of their own culture.

Small class sizes are one of the cornerstones of our education, with classes of 18-24 students and a study counselor for every 9 students. Students come from all over the world, with multicultural and transnational backgrounds.

The immersive multilingual teaching model is another cornerstone of our education, especially when the freshmen are just entering the school. We have ESL courses in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, German, French and English. After half a year, we will transition to pure English teaching, preparing them well for admission to leading universities in the US, UK or other English-speaking countries.

UW High School’s boarding program is also one of the cornerstones of our education. Some teachers live on campus with students, providing support and guidance anytime, anywhere. Through boarding programs, we develop students’ leadership, citizenship, and the values, social skills and independence necessary for future success. We combine Western educational concepts with China’s national conditions to achieve respect, understanding and integration between different cultures.

UW High School creatively applies computers in teaching, and successfully transforms it into a feature of its school: a school that applies computers and multimedia in teaching. The school’s electronic (e-school@Appleby) program has enabled graduates to master computer technology to a very high level of proficiency. Year 9 students can participate in a 3-week ASCENT program, which is a combination of classroom instruction and individualized tutoring: One-on-one individualized tutorials for each student, which develop the most appropriate learning program for each student.

The school provides international winter and summer camps, and organizes study tours in Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States. All students are members of Round Square and have access to a worldwide exchange of cultures, languages, services and adventure. The school emphasizes students’ outdoor and physical activities, and has a variety of competitive sports teams and clubs, including 9 different sports fields such as ice hockey, swimming, billiards, and golf.

Advanced system

UW High School is a full boarding private affiliated school established by the University of Waterloo and Canada Fabienne Education jointly. It is a member of the Canadian Association of Independent Schools. The school is highly independent, with a flexible operating mechanism, and organically integrate social human resources and material resources.

Excellent teaching system

Integrated school

Students can enjoy 7 consecutive years of high-quality education at the school. On the one hand, parents are spared the trouble of choosing schools for their children multiple times. On the other hand, it enables schools and teachers to fully understand the learning situation and development process of students in each academic period, and facilitates differentiated and individualized education for each student’s actual academic level. At the same time, the students have been together for 7 years, and they can form a deep friendship, which has a beneficial effect on each other’s learning and growth.

Immersive multilingual teaching mode

Tailor-made ESL multilingual courses successfully solve the language barriers for freshmen. After half a year, they will transition to English-only teaching, fully preparing them for entry into first-class universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, or other English-speaking countries.

Excellent teaching system

Small class teaching

This enables teachers to teach each student in accordance with their aptitude, so that students of different levels can enjoy sufficient learning resources.

Full boarding

Students live on campus from Monday to Friday or for a full week, allowing them to live a collective life from an early age. On the one hand, it reduces the burden of parents picking up their children every day; on the other hand, it provides ample time for students to learn knowledge, exercise and develop their specialties. At the same time, by living a collective life together, students can establish sincere friendships, develop good living habits, and cultivate noble characters and sentiments.

Educational resources

Relying on the profound historical heritage and humanistic tradition of the University of Waterloo, UW High School creatively introduced the advanced educational concepts and rich educational resources of this famous school. Students are required to take the English entrance exam when they enter the school. According to the different language abilities of the students, they enter different classes for English intensive training. Qualified high school students can enter college preparatory courses in advance. Completing a pre-university program will not only help students get into a world-class university, it may also help students get a university scholarship. The University of Waterloo has a group of prestigious professors, experts and leaders in the Canadian education community. They are familiar with the admission process and related procedures of Australian, European and North American universities, which are different from the university entrance examination in Asia, especially China. They will come to our school to give lectures. UW High School also adopted various methods including face-to-face with the academicians of the University of Waterloo and face-to-face with the students at the University of Waterloo, allowing faculties and students to discuss the development plan of the school with the leaders, experts and scholars of the University of Waterloo. By inviting them to the school to inspect and guide the work, an information communication platform between the two schools was built, and the sharing of high-quality educational resources between the two schools was established.

Intelligent facilities and equipment

The school covers an area of ​​more than 100 mu, and the construction investment is about 100 million RMB. The architectural style of the campus is unique and contains the concept of modern open education. The facilities of various venues are complete, and the educational equipment is of international first-class level. There are playgrounds, standard track and field, music, art, dance professional classrooms, gymnasium, international understanding classrooms, psychological counseling rooms, multi-functional lecture halls, libraries, scientific lecture halls and other modern educational facilities. The school has also invested more than 10 million RMB to build a campus network, which achieved the digitization and informatization of school management and education and teaching, and the one-card for campus management and library management. Each classroom is a digital multimedia teaching environment composed of network computers, video booths and large-screen TVs, which achieved the modernization of classroom teaching methods.

Advantages of further education

The school and the University of Waterloo jointly recruit students, so students have a certain bonus advantage when they are admitted to the University of Waterloo. Relying on the rich teaching experience on international students at the University of Waterloo, the school has formed an effective individual study plan tailored to individual conditions. At the same time, students can also enter their preferred universities according to their own choices, including University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario, Queen’s University, Harvard University, Yale University, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, London School of Economics, etc.

The school offers a five-month college preparatory through-train course to help students apply to the ideal university in the shortest time. The school has scholarships including the Governor’s Medal Award, the Ontario Academic Award, and the Learning Excellence Award to encourage outstanding students. In addition to the on-site teaching in Canada, the school also combines the education systems of Chinese and Canadian secondary schools to provide students with the teaching systems of secondary schools in both countries, as well as the student status of China and Canada. That is to say, the enrollment of the junior high school international department is opened in the Chinese school, so students can complete the compulsory courses from grades 7 to 12 in China through the remote network teaching mode. Qualified students can obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) issued by the Ontario Ministry of Education. The credits of the preparatory courses taken are widely recognized by universities in Canada, the United States and the Commonwealth countries, and students can directly apply to study in universities in Canada, the United States and the Commonwealth countries, and enter universities around the world.

Service advantages

The school offers flexible and convenient admissions, five times a year. Students can choose to enroll in different semesters. At the same time, the school regularly reports students’ academic transcripts and living conditions to parents in a timely manner.

The school can assist in applying for student study visas and parental visit visas. The specific services are as follows: (1) airport pickup for new students, (2) assistance with parental visit visas for Canada, (3) assistance in opening Canada’s bank accounts, (4) assistance in course selection, (5) assistance in applying for student discount public transportation card in Waterloo, and Social Insurance Card (SIN Card), (6) Visa Extension and Multiple Entry Visa, (7) The school can help students extend student visa and multiple entry visa, but students must meet the extension requirements of Canadian Immigration and The Department of Education of Ontario. (8) Transcripts and grades. Each semester, parents will receive a copy of the student’s final report. Students will also receive a mid-term report, which includes the student’s usual grades and teacher’s comments. At the end of the semester, a final exam is held for each subject. Final transcripts include the student’s overall average of grades for the entire semester and the student’s credits earned during the semester.