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UW High School is a private, all-board school founded by the University of Waterloo and Canada Fabienne Education, which is a member of the Canadian Association of Independent Schools.

Chinese School Name滑铁卢大学附属中学
English School NameUWaterloo High School
Abbreviations滑大附中 (UW High School)
CategoryFull board private high school
RegionWaterloo, Ontario
Address1869 Notre Dame Drive Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Multilingual Teaching Model

The immersive multilingual teaching model shapes students’ morality and sense of community belonging, and cultivates their loves for different cultures and their own identity in the context of the world. The school encourages each student to strengthen their body and hone their will through a large number of arts, sports and community service activities, thereby improving their personal quality.


Our philosophy is to share success generously with others, learn from failure courageously, and open doors to all children of the world to understand and engage in the wider world on and off campus. In the learning and living environment we create, students will bravely pursue their dreams, face success with humility, be good at working in teams, and temper their perseverance; they know how to protect the ecological environment, embrace differences, and live in harmony with others, with a strong sense of community.

Information Technology

UW High School applies the advantages of the University of Waterloo —  information technology — to every aspect of teaching. Our students crave opportunity, think big and are creative. Through innovative and student-centred teaching concepts, UW High School encourages and explores students’ intellectual curiosity, thereby laying the foundation for their future success in college.

Unparalleled Enthusiasm

With unparalleled enthusiasm, our teachers teach according to strict standards, and use vivid and inspiring teaching methods. They are respectful listeners and caring caretakers; questioning thinkers and compassionate spiritual teachers. Our students are both inheritors of their own language and culture, and citizens of the world with an international perspective. Graduates of UW High School will be able to navigate the universities, industries and communities of their choice with their outstanding talents, solid culture, and keen environmental awareness. Students will use their emotional intelligence, character, and unwavering passion for learning to make a positive impact in their communities.


UW High School offers excellent academic programs from grade 7 to grade 12. Teachers, students, and parents work together so that students can develop comprehensively.

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Foreign language

French (required from entry to grade 10), a second foreign language (including Chinese, Spanish, German, etc.) is required for grade 9

Natural sciences

World geography, biology, chemistry, physics, etc.

Social Sciences

Economics, Financial Accounting Theory, World History, Contemporary Economic Analysis, International Trade, etc.


Art History, Drama, Music, Dance, etc.

Information technology

Models, computers, scientific media, software engineering, etc.


Database management, calculus, geometry, etc.


local Canadian teachers




Master’s degrees


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